Aiakos Centarus

Metal Oak Casting Studios

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Aiakos Centarus
Aiakos Centarus
Aiakos Centarus

The 28mm scale variant stands about 40cm tall and comes with 2 weapon options:  Gatling Blaster,  Tri-Laser, Plasma closed and Plasma open. Please List your choices when making your order The weapon options can be magnetized and swapped.

8mm scale print stands around 75mm tall. Weapon options included: Melee Claw, Melee Drill, Gatling, Laser, Plasma weapon (closed), Plasma weapon (open). 

Product is a 3D-printed model sculpted by Aphyrion Miniatures.

Figure is supplied unpainted--assembly required.
Please allow up to 5 business days for shipping to process.
Larger figures can take more time to print. 

Licensed to Sell through Aphyrion Miniatures

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