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Callisto Super Heavy Weapons Platform

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Callisto Super Heavy Weapons Platform
Callisto Super Heavy Weapons Platform
Callisto Super Heavy Weapons Platform

The Callisto Super Heavy Weapons platform is the tank you take when you might just need to knock nearby ships out of orbit or level a nearby mountain.

28mm - Please note that the base kit only contains the sponsion and turret guns. Mail armaments' are purchased separately and are interchangeable with magnetization. The hull measures 31 × 20 × 20 cm when assembled

8mm - The main gun is unfortunately not swappable on the small variant. Please let us know when you make your order which gun you would like it equipped with and it will be printed as one solid piece. 
Please choose Your main gun from this list.
Eradicator Cannonade
Hellstorm Bombard
Macro Laser lance
Plasma Blaster
Triple Laser Destroyer
Vulcan Rotary Cannons

Product is a 3D-printed model sculpted by Solwyte Studios.

Figure is supplied unpainted--assembly required.
Please allow up to 5 business days for shipping to process.
Larger figures can take more time to print. 

Licensed to Sell through Solwyte Studios

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