Production and Prototyping Services

We here at Metal Oak Casting Studios are here to help you realize your own projects by providing prototyping and production services.

Whether you just need a single 3D print made to show off an idea, bring a tabletop character to life or if you are ready to bring your project to market and need full scale production services, we're ready to work alongside you every step of the way to help you realize your goals.

We currently offer

3D printing:

Form2 SLA printing
Saturn 8k DLP printing
Siocast Injection Thermoplastic Molding and production
Poured silicone Molding
Pressure casting 
Baked Silicone Molding
Spun-cast resin production
Pewter casting for masters and production
Baked Organic Rubber Molding
Pewter and Higher temperature metal castings