Atmospheric Regulation Tower

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Atmospheric Regulation Tower
Atmospheric Regulation Tower
Atmospheric Regulation Tower

The Atmospheric Regulation Tower is a solid Line of sight blocking terrain piece for 6-8mm scale wargames. 

Pictured on a CD from basing, it's about 100mm wide at the base. 140mm Tall 

This kit contains
4x Ares wall Corner
4x 2 LCBT Patchbay 1
1x Olympus Mons - FF Base Wall Gate
1x Olympus Mons - FF Base Wall Exhaust
2x Olympus Mons - FF Base Wall
2x OM-043 - 2HCBT Exhaust Wall
1x OM-046 - Heat Sink
1x OM-040 - 2x2 Exhaust Topping
1x Ares Emplacement Closed
2x OM-028 - 0.5LBCT Wall
4x Olympus Mons - 2 HCBT Open Wall
4x Olympus Mons - Edge Topping Pipes

Looking for individual parts? Shoot us an email! We're always happy to discuss custom requests. 

Figure is supplied unpainted--assembly required.
Please allow up to 5 business days for shipping to process.

Licensed to Sell through Grimdark Terrain

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