Harpyrax Siege Drones

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Harpyrax Siege Drones
Harpyrax Siege Drones
3D printed Resin Hobby Model Kit

Compatible with 6/8mm Sci-fi Wargames

2 DRONES PER PURCHASE. Base not included.

The Harpyrax Siege drones are an excellent addition to any table, or you can use them to represent a stratagem or mission objective, if you’re Mechanicum aligned. The intended Use is to put two of the drones on a 60mm base and replace Acastus and Asterius Knights with the drones. Weapons, bulk and secondary weapons are designed to represent these Knights.

Figure is supplied unpainted--assembly required.
Please allow up to 5 business days for shipping to process.

Licensed to Sell through Grimdark Terrain.

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