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Hastaxii Battle Automata

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Hastaxii Battle Automata
Hastaxii Battle Automata

The Hastaxii kit comes with parts to create 1 Hastaxii Overlord and 4 Battle Automata

These heavily armed troopers are a fantastic addition to any army that needs big guns attached to something smaller than a tank. 

Parts list:
1x Overlord Body
4x Automata Bodies
6x right and 6x left Clamp sub arms
3x right and 3x left Saw sub arms
3x right and 3x left Cleaver sub arms
Upper arms for the 10 cannon arms
5x Twin Autocannon
4x Grav Cannon
4x Las Gun
4x Lightning Cannon
4x Mitra Lance
4x Neutron Laser
4x Plasma Cannon
4x Rad Engine
5x 40mm plastic bases

Product is a 3D-printed model sculpted by Solwyte Studios.

Figure is supplied unpainted--assembly required.
Please allow up to 5 business days for shipping to process.

Licensed to Sell through Solwyte Studios

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