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Okourii Annihilator

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Okourii Annihilator
Okourii Annihilator

From the Creator:
Most commonly seen as the primary and secondary weapons of titanic War Constructs, Plasma Annihilators are among the most destructive plasma weapons available to mankind - what with their temperamentality, there comes a point where the need for destruction is outweighed by the need to preserve the firing weapon, and the Plasma Annihilator is among the largest, loosely defined 'safe' weapons of its kind. Thus, after years of realizing that bringing War Constructs to battlefields for relatively unimportant conflicts where the expense of deployment made each victory pyrrhic, it was eventually decided that the Okourii would be made, a tank designed to withstand not only the assault of the enemy, but also the superheated fury of its cargo. 

This Hefty tank come in 2 sizes:
the 28mm variant is 190mm long and 130 wide and comes with a full suite of sponson weapons for you to choose from.

The 8mm size just has the bolt gun sponsons printed as one part
with the kit. 

Product is a 3D-printed model sculpted by Solwyte Studios.

Figure is supplied unpainted--assembly required.
Please allow up to 5 business days for shipping to process.

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